Felt balls via baby cow stomach....

Not sure how I feel about these hair balls from Holland...as beautiful as they are. 

felt balls

"Calves, fed only on milk and kept closely confines so that when they are killed after a year of such treatment they yield the pale tender veal we apparently crave, start to eat their own hair. The muscular movement of their stomachs, combined with the heat and moisture, felts the hair into solid balls, which in extreme cases weight 750 gm and measure 15 cm across. such an object, the sight of which is a compelling reason for turning vegetarian, is rare. Usually the hair balls are much smaller and, forgetting their origin for a while, one can enjoy their range of colours and textures."

- The Maker's Hand, A Close Look at Textile Structures, Peter Collingwood

This is from a book Jason Collingwood gave me as a present after my rug weaving course with him. His father wrote this book and it was one of his favourites out of everything he put out.