I know I'm in the right discipline

Today I’m sorting 12 bags, about 20 pounds of Alpaca fibre in different colours - red-brown, grey, dark-brown, white. It gives me great pleasure and excitement to document the names of the animals each bag of fibre came from - Gem, Layla. Gypsy Rose

Tomorrow I learn how to spin yarn - I’ve learnt before but it takes practice to get it right. There is a difference between spun yarn and crudely twisted yarn. Not that crude is bad, I just want to turn all my bags of fluff into yarn….FAST.

Excited to over-dye and weave. Over-dyeing is basically my jam.

The odd thing is I still feel like I have so much deeper to dig in this woolly fibrous world, but I suppose when you’re going about gathering bags from farm you’ve got to admit your elbow deep in this businesses.